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ACSESS: FTR Now - Return to Work in a COVID-19 World

Return to Work in a COVID-19 World

As governments begin to ease the restrictions placed on businesses as result of the pandemic, employers are beginning to address the challenges of safely returning their employees to work in a world where COVID-19 remains an issue. The three articles below address some of these challenges from different vantage points. 

Ensuring a Successful Return to Work in a COVID-19 World

By: Hicks Morley

This comprehensive return to work checklist sets out issues employers should consider in their return to work plans, including those related to health and safety, employment standards, workplace safety and insurance, privacy and data security and more.

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Employees Who Continue to Work from Home – Practical Considerations for Employers

By: Mariana Kamenetsky, Nadine S. Zacks

A return to work plan does not mean that all employees will return to work at the same time – some will continue to work from home for various reasons. Employers should be aware of their legal obligations and the risks associated with work from home arrangements. 

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Ontario Updates Its COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

By: Carey O’Connor, Michael Jaworski

Ontario’s COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool has been updated and remains a useful tool to guide employers on developing rules on who can enter their workplaces; however, it is important that employers also consider other available guidance, including input from their occupational health advisors.

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Back to Business: Return to Work in a COVID-19 World Webinar

Stay tuned for details of our upcoming webinar where we will review an employer’s statutory obligations, discuss some of the key considerations involved in reopening businesses and provide tips to assist you in creating a successful return to work plan.