Our Commitment to Safety, Ethics and Industry Best Practices

The Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) and its members are saddened to hear of yet another fatality at Fiera Bakery, an Ontario business in no way affiliated with any of our member firms. Our sympathy goes out to Enrico Miranda and his family. The number of tragedies at this company is inconceivable. 

We are deeply concerned about organizations that repeatedly hire fly-by-night staffing agencies that aren't committed to ensuring their candidates are properly trained and that their client companies follow best practices to maintain safe workplaces. Instead, these fly-by-night agencies prey on vulnerable, unskilled workers, giving them marginal training and minimal support, if any. Even though these organizations identify as temp or staffing agencies, their legal compliance, professional, ethical and safety standards fall exceedingly short of ACSESS members' practices.   

Ensuring the safety of those we serve is a top priority for ACSESS and its members. That’s why we’ve sponsored the WSIB Safety program since 2001 and achieved measurable results

While current and pending legislation across Canada strives to protect workers, we support and continually advocate for greater enforcement in several provinces. Should you hear of any ACSESS member who does not adhere to our code of ethics, please advise our Executive Director, Mary McIninch.

Working with our stakeholders and promoting leading practices, we will continue to raise the bar to protect our members' candidates/employees to ensure their safety and success in the workplace.